About me & my work


I am an artist/designer working in the medium of fused glass to create functional and decorative ware. On graduating from Buckinghamshire College (Brunel University) in 1995 with a first class honours degree in three dimensional design, I worked in London as a glassblower, making and selling my own designs in Galleries, shops and exhibitions across the UK and beyond. 


Each type of artistic glass making process has its own unique set of qualities along with parameters and limitations. Any type of glass making as an artform requires an in depth  knowlegde and respect of the materials unpredictability and fragility. Currently working with fused glass, I've found that I particularly love how this process lends itself to the visual qualities of texture and form. Texture can be created both inside and outside, or on both back and front of the artwork. I love the way the texture and colour of the glass form interacts with the light and space of its surroundings. This creates reflections on the surfaces against which they are displayed, giving the pieces extra dimension, detail and interest.


I have hands on involvement throughout the making process which means my individual style and touch are consistent in all my artwork. The pieces are created by layering, cutting, breaking and reassembling sheet glass and adding extra colour in multiple firings.


My Influences come from various elements of nature, especially focusing on pattern and form. My glasswork is my personal response and interpretation of the beauty I see in the object of my study. I like to take elements of the subject matter, zoom in on an area of interest or abstract it rather than try to re-create literal studies of subject matter. My current work focuses on close up detail of butterfly wings, pattern and structure of diatoms and the pattern and formation of rocks and minerals. 


Each piece is hand finished and signed personally by me.